International conference

Dynamical Systems and Their Applications

Kyiv, Ukraine
22-26 June, 2015

  • Francisco Balibrea (Spain)
    “Dynamics of the Thue-Morse system of difference equations” (Abstract)

  • Valery Gaiko (Belarus)
    “On limit cycle bifurcations” (Abstract)

  • Rostislav Grigorchuk (USA)
    “Absolutely non free actions, random subgroups, and factor representations” (Abstract)

  • Yulij Ilyashenko (Russia)
    “Towards the global bifurcation theory on the plane” (Abstract)

  • Sergey Kaschenko (Russia)
    “Regular and chaotic oscillations in singularly perturbed systems with delay” (Abstract)

  • Anatoly Katok (USA)
    “Flexibility of entropies and Lyapunov exponents”

  • Mykola Pratsiovytyi (Ukraine)
    “Topologically-metrical and fractal analysis of local structure of continuous functions”

  • Oleksandr Sharkovsky (Ukraine)
    “ω-Attractors and their basins”

  • Andriy Sivak (Ukraine)
    “σ-Attractors, μ-attractors, and their basins”

  • Grygoriy Torbin (Ukraine)
    “Fractals, singular probability measures and dynamical systems”

  • Igor Vlasenko (Ukraine)
    “New invariants of topological conjugacy of non-invertible inner mappings” (Abstract)