International conference

Dynamical Systems and Their Applications

Kyiv, Ukraine
22-26 June, 2015


1. Aly Abourabia (Egypt)
Talk: “The effect of anisotropy on waves propagation in some shape memory alloys”

2. Abdyvali Akbergenov (Ukraine)
Talk: “On a class of differential-functional equations”  Video

3. Bianca Arama (Romania)
Talk: “The cost of approximate controllability and an unique continuation result at initial time for the Ginzburg-Landau equation”  Abstract

4. Francisco Balibrea (Spain)
Talk: “Dynamics of the Thue-Morse system of difference equations”  Abstract  Video  Presentation

5. Ranjib Banerjee (India)
Talk: “Enhancing synchrony in coupled network”

6. Maxim Bebiya (Ukraine)
Talk: “Stabilization of systems with multiple power nonlinearities”  Abstract

7. Mikola Bilotskyy (Ukraine)
Talk: “Application (C)-properties for Cesare summability methods (C, 1) of ergodic theorem”  Abstract

8. Gennadiy Burlak (Mexico)
Talk: “Nonlinear dynamics of random laser generation in 3D percolating clusters”  Abstract

9. Alexei Bychkov (Ukraine)

10. Igor Chueshov (Ukraine)
Talk: “Dynamics in quasi-stable PDE systems”

11. Syamal Dana (India)
Talk: “Chimera states in a network of oscillators under cross-global coupling”  Abstract

12. Kalyan Das (India)
Talk: “Stochastic analysis with harvesting of a prey-predator model in food web dynamics”

13. Oluwasegun Davies (Azerbaijan)

14. Mahaveer Gadiya (India)
Talk: “The homotopy method to solve dynamical systems and boundary value problems for differential equations”  Abstract

15. Valery Gaiko (Belarus)
Talk: “On limit cycle bifurcations”  Abstract  Video  Presentation

16. Irina Garko (Ukraine)
Talk: “On fractal properties of probability measures with independent $x-Q_{\infty}$-digits”  Abstract

17. Rostislav Grigorchuk (USA)
Talk: “Absolutely non free actions, random subgroups, and factor representations”  Abstract  Video

18. Viacheslav Grines (Russia)
Talk: “On topological classification of structurally stable 3D- diffeomorphisms”

19. Yulij Ilyashenko (Russia)
Talk: “Towards the global bifurcation theory on the plane”  Abstract

20. Rym Jaroudi (Tunisia)

21. Olena Karpel (Ukraine)
Talk: “Infinite orbit equivalence class for a minimal substitution dynamical system”  Abstract  Presentation

22. Olexandr Karpenko ()
Talk: “Probability measures and dynamical systems generated by continuous nowhere monotonic functions”

23. Sergey Kashchenko (Russia)
Talk: “Regular and chaotic oscillations in singularly perturbed systems with delay”  Abstract

24. Anatoly Katok (USA)
Talk: “Flexibility of entropies and Lyapunov exponents”  Video

25. Svetlana Katok ()
Talk: “Reduction theory, coding of geodesics, and continued fractions”  Video

26. Karsten Keller (Germany)
Talk: “Aspects of the permutation entropy”  Abstract

27. Natalya Kizilova (Ukraine)
Talk: “A novel model for explanation the regular and chaotic dynamics in arterial blood flow”  Abstract

28. Natalia Klinshpont (Russia)

29. Volodymyr Koshmanenko (Ukraine)
Talk: “On dynamical system of conflict with fair redistribution of vital resources”  Presentation

30. Mykhailo Kuznietsov (Ukraine)
Talk: “Analogue of topological entropy for some infinite-dimensional systems”  Video  Presentation

31. M Howard Lee (USA)
Talk: “Solving for the fixed points of 3-cycle in the logistic map and toward realizing chaos by the theorem of Sharkovskii”  Abstract

32. Xiaoyan Liu (USA)
Talk: “Numerical methods for solving systems of Nonlinear Volterra integral equations with cardinal splines”  Abstract

33. Marina Lupain (Ukraine)
Talk: “On DP-approach to fractal properties of random variables with independent identically distributed LML-symbols”  Abstract

34. Taras Lyutyy (Ukraine)
Talk: “Forced rotation of a ferromagnetic fine particle in a viscous carrier: the stationary probability density”  Abstract

35. Alexander Makarenko (Ukraine)
Talk: “Systems with memory, nonlocality and anticipation. Some new examples and new research problems”  Abstract

36. Sergiy Maksymenko (Ukraine)

37. Abdalla Mansur (USA)

38. Vitalii Marchenko (Ukraine)
Talk: “One special construction in the spectral theory of $C_0$-semigroups.”  Abstract  Presentation

39. Roderick Melnik (Canada)
Talk: “Dynamical systems approach for multidimensional phase transformation models and their applications”  Abstract

40. Mehrzad Monzavi (USA)

41. Roman Nikiforov (Ukraine)
Talk: “On phenomena connected with infinite linear IFS”  Abstract

42. Irina Nizhnik (Ukraine)
Talk: “Deterministic diffusion”  Abstract

43. Olurotimi Ojoniyi (Nigeria)
Talk: “Studies on chaos and hyperchaos in four-dimensional sprott systems”  Abstract

44. Cezary Olszowiec (Poland)

45. George Osipenko (Ukraine)
Talk: “Invariant measures in projective bundle”  Abstract

46. Ashok Pal (India)
Talk: “Moon-perturbed energy surfaces and equilibrium points in the Sun-Earth system with drag forces”

47. Anastasiia Panchuk (Ukraine)

48. Vikas Pandey (India)
Talk: “Bifurcation of fixed points and limit cycles in boiling water reactor”

49. Makar Plakhotnyk (Brazil)
Talk: “Topologically conjugated unimodal interval maps”  Abstract  Video

50. Mykola Pratsiovytyi (Ukraine)
Talk: “Тополого-метричний та фрактальний аналіз локальної структури неперервних функцій”  Video

51. Tetyana Revina (Ukraine)
Talk: “Robust feedback synthesis for a disturbed canonical system”  Abstract  Presentation

52. Elena Romanenko (Ukraine)

53. Oleksandr Rybak (Ukraine)
Talk: “Sensitivity of the induced systems on an interval”  Video

54. Tetiana Rybalkina (Ukraine)
Talk: “Topological classification of linear mappings”  Abstract  Video

55. Mohammad Sajid (Saudi Arabia)
Talk: “Dynamics of Transcendental Meromorphic Functions and Fractals”

56. Vladimir Savchin (Russia)
Talk: “On potentiality of some evolutionary systems with deviating arguments”  Abstract

57. Oleksander Sharkovsky (Ukraine)
Talk: “$\omega$-Attractors and their basins”  Video

58. Lilia Sinelnyk (Ukraine)
Talk: “On singularity of distribution of random variables with independent symbols of Oppenheim expansions”  Abstract

59. Andriy Sivak (Ukraine)
Talk: “$\sigma$-Attractors, $\mu$-attractors, and their basins”  Video

60. Oleksandr Slutskyi (Ukraine)
Talk: “About the faithfulness of Cantor series expansion cylinders family with respect to the packing dimension”  Abstract

61. Vasyl Slyusarchuk (Ukraine)
Talk: “Nonlinear almost periodic difference equations”  Abstract

62. Olena Smiian (Ukraine)
Talk: “On some open problems of faithful covering family of cylinders generated by the $Q_{\infty}$-expansion”  Abstract

63. Ahmad Sohrabi (Iran)
Talk: “Determining the approximate location of cantori using higher order periodic islands”

64. Anton Solomko (United Kingdom)

65. Alexey Teplinsky (Ukraine)
Talk: “A smoothly linearizable circle diffeomorphism with breaks”  Abstract  Video

66. Yibeltal Terefe (South Africa)

67. Grygoriy Torbin (Ukraine)
Talk: “Fractals, singular probability measures and dynamical systems”  Video

68. Nikolay Tyurin (Russia)
Talk: “Псевдоторические структуры на многообразиях Фано”

69. Victor Urmanchev (Ukraine)
Talk: “Four dimensional and singular perturbation systems of differential equations and two dimensional dynamical system with impulse”  Abstract

70. Natalya Vasylenko (Ukraine)
Talk: “One-dimensional dynamical system generated by one continuous twisted function”

71. Inga Verygina (Ukraine)
Talk: “Comparison of two strategies in the problem of 'conquest' of territory”  Abstract

72. Igor Vlasenko (Ukraine)
Talk: “New invariants of topological conjugacy of non-invertible inner mappings”  Abstract  Video

73. Victoria Voloshyna (Ukraine)
Talk: “About purity of distribution for special class of random variables in R^2”

74. Ekaterina Vozniakevich (Russia)

75. Michael Yampolsky (Canada)